Remedial Massage in Applecross WA

Remedial Massage Applecross

Remedial Massage Applecross.

Remedial Massage Applecross

Remedial massage in Applecross. Established 1993. Professional service

Remedial Massage Applecross. Relief from Muscular Pain and Tension. Pain Relief from Back Ache, Neck Ache, Headache. A migraine, Neck And Shoulder Problems Our professional massage include.  Muscular pain releases the deep tissue. and also relaxation massage.  Remedial massage is the most highest qualification. We have which can be focused on to ensure that your needs and expectation.When you attend the AA Telek Massage Clinic, you truly are in the best of hands. Lajos Telek has the qualifications & experience to ensure you are treated to the highest of standards possible. Accredited Registered Massage Therapist by A.A.M.T. A.R.M. With over 24 years experience. In massage therapy With practical skill. Health Fund Rebates Available. Including Medibank Private, H.B.F Australian Unity,  BUPA and Many More. Workers Compensation, Insurance Claims Also welcome. Call us 0433167703 Remedial massage is natural medicine.  Remedial Massage in Applecross WA.  iF you want professional quality you should choose me.

Remedial massage is for muscular and mental stress release

Yes, Remedial massage is for muscular and mental stress release.

Remedial Massage in Applecross WA Greater sense of wellbeing Reduce stress and tension Improve circulation reduce aches and pains improve muscular performance Increased freedom of movement and co-operation A healthier body and mind Every massage session is designed for your personal need of your health and wellbeing.

Remedial Massage Applecross

Mobile massage visiting homes. For those. who are not able to travel or for conveniences. We are offering professional services.

Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage focuses on areas of pain and discomfort. The Remedial massage will use specific massage techniques to treat muscular problems where there is significant pain or loss of movement.

This style of massage is often beneficial for the treatment injuries, be they short or long term injuries. Remedial Massage in Applecross WA

Remedial Massage Applecross. Or professional Services offered: Sports massage and injury rehabilitation. Pregnancy massage. Ache, pain, and headache.  Relief from Aches and pains. Tradesman’s back I Pad neck, I phone neck,  Texter’s thumb (aka De Quervain’s Tendonitis) Whiplash Sciatica Headaches and migraines Frozen shoulder Carpal tunnel syndrome Lower back aches Fibromyalgia Head forward, round shoulders posture Tingling, pins and needles and numbness Peripheral neuralgia Tennis/golfer’s elbow Hip problems Leg problems Calf injuries Aches pain in joint Tendonitis. Remedial massage in Applecross. Call Luie 0433167703
 Remedial Massage Applecross.

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