Medibank – Natural Therapies annual limits are changing Medibank have advised Medibank Members that from 29 September 2014 they are changing their annual limits on their Basics Extras 70 and Basic Extras 55 cover. Previously these products had combined limits...

Remedial Massage Therapists

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Medibank Update]

Medibank Update AAMT met with Medibank management during May.  Medibank have requested that members do not call Medibank.  Medibank Customer Service Operators will request members to go to their Association for advice/answers to their queries.  AAMT continues to work...


HEALTH FUND PROVIDER STATUS Private Health Funds may accept AAMT members has provider to enable their clients access to rebates. This depends on membership category, and qualifications. Depending on the Individual Health Fund, AAMT may be able to administer on the... Massage news

Massage news

Natural health

Natural health


  REMEDIAL MASSAGE Fremantle Massage in sport, particularly elite sport is now an accepted and expected practice. The benefits of regular soft tissue therapy for athletes have been well documented and the expectations on therapists to “know their...

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